In My Eyes Batch 3 *Special*

In My Eyes Batch 3 (Boys Over Flowers Special Season)

Boys Over Flowers Icons.
*Click on them to get a clearer and better view, thank you.*

Special thanks to:
1. Icon Textures
2. KBS

Inmyeyes. Batch 2

27 icons + 1 Banner
3 Lady Gaga Icons
2 Breakfast at Tiffany's Icons
6 Hayley (Paramore) Icons
4 random people Icons
1 Hayden Icon
2 Zacky V & SYN Icons
9 random Icons
1 banner

Banner .

Special thanks to Streetcarcircus for the textures, Model couture for the couple image for the banner.

*Sorry for the late posting, was busy, so ... yeah . Will update with new icons and banners soon !*